08/2014 – La.M.P. Studio France – Phase 1

By | December 11, 2021

LaMP Studio Phase 1 a

It’s been a long haul. The La.M.P. studio, François Evans’s composition facility, moved to a new home: an abandoned nursery school in West France. There’s been a lot of work to prepare the new electroacoustic composing, recording and mixing areas. Roof renovation, floor repair, and painting to change the rather bright pink and yellow to a more sedate white.

Studio equipment has been brought in. The next ‘phase one’ stage is acoustic treatment and wiring.

Phase Two, to begin in 2015, will establish a control /mixing room in the space neighbouring the live area.

LaMP Studio Phase 1 b
Soundcraft DC2000 mixer flanked by outboard gear.

LaMP Studio Phase 1 c
Anticlockwise from top left: Solina String Synthesizer, Farfisa Soundmaker, Oberheim OB-X, Korg PS-3300 (prototype), Korg 770, Korg 800dv.

LaMP Studio Phase 1 d
Top to bottom: Yamaha DX7, Hartman Neuron, Roland Juno-6, Roland Jupiter-4.

LaMP Studio Phase 1 e
Left to right: Maplin 5600 & ARP 2600 Grey Meanie

LaMP Studio Phase 1 f
Norlin Cordovox


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