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09/2023 Inherit the Witch Premièred

Cast and crew of Cradeaux Alexander’s tenebrous occult feature film Inherit the Witch assembled for its première yesterday evening, at the serene Close-Up Film Centre in Shoreditch, London. It was thrilling to see all the elements of this dark, gem-of-a-film come together. Heather Cairns as Fiona, in Inherit the Witch, directed by Cradeaux Alexander The movie and its… Read More »

06/2023 Inherit the Witch Soundtrack Album – Being Mastered

We’re delighted to announce that the soundtrack to Cradeaux Alexander’s new feature film Inherit the Witch is being mastered by fantastic, French mastering engineer Jérôme Schmitt at The Airlab Mastering. Jérôme described the music as “very interesting”. News to follow for imminent soundtrack release! Jérôme Schmitt at The Airlab Mastering

6/2023 Farewell Kaija

So saddened to have learned of the passing of the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. I attended her lectures at IRCAM in Paris and learned so much from her and her extraordinarily diverse and colourful spectral music with its engaging musical structures. She is a tower of 20th and 21st century music.

04/2023 Inherit the Witch – Score Mix Complete

François Evans recently completed mixing the cold geometry of 42 x music cues for Cradeaux Alexander’s new horror thriller feature film: Inherit the Witch. The film’s sound is currently being dubbed at Kord Media in Manchester and we’re looking forward to a spectacular release. Film composer François Evans mixing the score to the feature film Inherit the Witch… Read More »

04/2023 Mixing Inherit the Witch Score

Currently mixing the 42 x bristling music cues for Cradeaux Alexander’s chilling new occult feature thriller: Inherit the Witch. This is a 12-note score (actually an 11-note one, with modal leanings centered on the note B-natural). Including priestly horns, the strange instrumental line-up is: 2 alto flutes, contrabassoon, brass ensemble (2-2-1-1), timpani, tambourine, marktree, crotales, glockenspiel, vibraphone, cymbals,… Read More »

01/2023 Inherit the Witch

François Evans is scoring American director Cradeaux Alexander’s supernatural feature: Inherit the Witch. Led by High Witch Pamela, the film tells the disturbing tale of a coven of witches living in England’s New Forest. There we witness the emotional sacrifices the film’s anti-hero Cory must face, to secure the occult power amassed by his family’s dark church. Will… Read More »

01/2023 LaMP Social Media

La.M.P.’s federated social media presence is taking shape. You’ll see these popping up at the website. See you there!