François Evans


François Evans conducting Philharmonia Orchestra
François Evans conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall,
London, 2008

François Evans (b. Kentish Town, London, 1965) is a French-English film composer. He wrote the feature film scores to Edgar Wright’s first comedy western A Fistful of Fingers, Josh Collins’s cult epic Pervirella, Shaun Mosley’s biblical drama The 3 Kings (featuring Ron Moody & Vanessa Redgrave), Roberto Roarke’s thriller Hitman and Darren Ward’s dark horror-thriller Sudden Fury. He composed the score for Stefan Archetti’s colourful Italian children’s movie Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom) which won a ‘Special Mention Award’ at the 2011 Granada Film Festival. He is currently composing and producing the terrifying score for American director Cradeaux Alexander’s thriller feature: Inherit the Witch.

Francois Evans at the ondes Martenot
François Evans at the ondes Martenot, Colston Hall, Bristol, 2015

Evans’s entry into film scoring was forged by the 1960s’-70s’ music of John Barry and Ennio Morricone. His first concept album of pop ballads: The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet with lyrics by John Porter, under the duo name: After Magritte is currently streaming.

He works between London and the vintage La.M.P. recording studio, near La Rochelle, France.

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