François Evans


François Evans conducting Philharmonia Orchestra
François Evans conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall,
London, 2008

François Evans (b. Kentish Town, London, 1965) is a French-English composer, musician and record producer. He wrote the feature film scores to Edgar Wright’s first comedy western A Fistful of Fingers, Josh Collins’s cult epic Pervirella, Shaun Mosley’s biblical drama The 3 Kings (featuring Ron Moody & Vanessa Redgrave), Roberto Roarke’s thriller Hitman and Darren Ward’s dark horror-thriller Sudden Fury. He composed the score for Stefan Archetti’s colourful Italian children’s movie Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom) which won a ‘Special Mention Award’ at the 2011 Granada Film Festival.

Francois Evans at the ondes Martenot
François Evans at the ondes Martenot, Colston Hall, Bristol, 2015

Evans’s entry into film scoring was forged by the 1960s’-70s’ music of John Barry and Ennio Morricone. His first concept album of pop ballads: The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet with lyrics by John Porter, under the duo name: After Magritte is currently streaming (October, 2022).

He works between London and the vintage La.M.P. recording studio, near La Rochelle, France.

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