La.M.P. Studio 1

Original motion picture soundtracks composed and produced.


  1. Catchy themes to draw in your audiences.
  2. Emotive music to pull the heart strings and thrill the senses.
  3. A different-sounding score to get your film noticed.
  4. Rich sound for strong production values.
  5. Contemporary-classical writing to stand the test of time.
  6. Experienced composer, easy to get along with.
  7. Score delivered on time and to budget.
  8. Skilled in music budget optimization.
  9. In-house recording studio in France.
  10. Analogue sound with analogue & digital processing. (Many composers use digital only.)
  11. Dramatic sound morphing available, for hair-raising effects.
  12. First-class, classically-trained acoustic musicians.
  13. Unique collection of vintage electronic instruments to bring appropriate character your soundtrack.

Tell us about your feature film, and the score of which you dream:

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* fantastic, lush textures …electronic sounds we don’t hear every day
…a great combination of unusual sound, with what people expect from a decent movie score

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