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01/2023 Inherit the Witch

François Evans is scoring American director Cradeaux Alexander’s supernatural feature: Inherit the Witch. Led by High Witch Pamela, the film tells the disturbing tale of a coven of witches living in England’s New Forest. There we witness the emotional sacrifices the film’s anti-hero Cory must face, to secure the occult power amassed by his family’s dark church. Will… Read More »

01/2023 LaMP Social Media

La.M.P.’s federated social media presence is taking shape. Click the grey links in the left side bar to follow us via: see you there!

4/2022 Stand By for Action!

In a celebratory concert of film and television music from the Gerry Anderson science fiction series, François performed on ondes Martenot at Birmingham Symphony Hall, England. The musicians were superb; the hall, packed to the rafters. The concert was hosted by John Coleshaw. Many of the musical arrangements were written by François Evans. Video: BBC Midlands – Stand… Read More »

10/2021 – Dolby A

François visited the new Dolby A (Dolby Atmos) facility at London’s Metropolis Studios, set up by Phil Wright. This room for mixing music (or film sound) spatially, comprises an 11.2.8 speaker system which ‘atomises’ up to 128 sound elements, into a 3-dimensional space around the listener. The effect is fantastic and makes it so much easier to hear… Read More »

4/2021 – Film Funding

British Feature Film Funding The British Film Institute has published a useful summary of sources of funding for UK films. These fall under the headings: National and regional agencies UK Tax relief and Regional Investment funds Full info. at: See also: Film London funding page gives a list of feature film grants, see: The… Read More »

1/2021 – Mazen Murad to Master ‘The 3 Kings’ Soundtrack

Mastering Engineer: Mazen Murad François Evans’s biblical soundtrack to Shaun Moseley’s millennial feature film The 3 Kings starring Ron Moody and Vanessa Redgrave is to be mastered, appropriately, in the Middle East. The mastering engineer is the highly sought-after Mazen Murad based at the world-class Katara Studios in Doha, Qatar since 2015. Mazen has been based at EMI… Read More »

11/2020 – Strings Conducted

François conducted backing string parts at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London 24/11/20, in marvelous arrangements by Howard James Martin for Andrew Teacher’s new album project: Red Clubs, Black Hearts. John Prestage: Sound Recordist at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London Left to right: Andrew Teacher, François Evans and Howard Martin Managed by Laura Anstee, marvellous string players included musicians who have… Read More »

1/2021 – Clef Band-Box Resurrected

An automaton band-in-a-box made by Clef Products (Electronics) Ltd of Stockport, Cheshire, UK in ca 1982, the Clef Band-Box was rare, with only about 1000 made. There is an article on the Clef Band-Box at Matrixsynth. Huge thanks to genius Andy Collins at Antech Systems for restoring one I was lucky to find. Question is, what piece of… Read More »