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Music by
François Evans

Pick a mood:

1.Action. 30-second thematic build; savage undertones.

Fiona FallsInherit the Witch
2.Dreamy. Introduction with poignant solo flute performing slower version of film theme.

The DreamThe Mermaid Mushroom
3.Hypnotic. Mobile of metals with screaming ondes Martenot solo from 00:40.

A Gift of Equal ConsequenceInherit the Witch
4.Action. Exciting, pulsing, polyrhythmic synths. Fat timpani throbs & a wink of funk. From 01:01 apocalyptic choral build with motif reprise. ...Piece continues.

Walker Storms the PlantSudden Fury
5.Disturbing. Eerie electronic textures accompanying slow melody on electric piano.

The Last Thing You Ever SeeSudden Fury
6.Intimate. Intro leading to light, expansive rise.

Lovers in the ForestThe Mermaid Mushroom
7.Intriguing. Questioning passage with strings, harp & electronics.

Tim SpiesGame Over
8.Menacing. Electronics, piano, flute, harp. Dramatic opening. Gradual descent into?!

Charnel House (edit)Inherit the Witch
9.Morphing. Electronics to birdsong and back. Climax at 00:37. Seamless transformation back to nature.

What the Hell is That?Inherit the Witch
10.New Dawning. All is well. (Or is it?)

The Circle CompleteInherit the Witch
11.Passionate. Warm, intimate dialogue between harp and piano, backed by soft strings.

Love in the Bell TowerThe Mermaid Mushroom
12.Portentous. Dark strings. Architectured chords backed by vibraphone and harpsichord. Surprise flourishes from 00:50 and 02:06. Repeats from 01:24 with new piano and bass-accordion figurations.

ConfessionalGame Over
13.Rage. Seething strings, bass synthesizer, solo 'cello. Deep sting at 00:41.

Herod's RageThe 3 Kings
14.Mystery. With drone shot. Aerial view of victim. Orchestra. Timpani.

New ForestInherit the Witch
15.Sinister. Edgy into. Distant nightingale leads to funky get-up-and-go synths with string backing. Quizzical ending.

The NightingaleThe Punk & the Princess
16.Spooky. Human voices transition impossibly into bell.

Extract from 'The Nun'The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet (pop album)
17.Suave. Delicate piano and contrabass opening. Strings & orchestra enter. Dialogue between Clavioline & harpsichord. Up a gear from 01:09.

The Guests ArriveGame Over
18.Tender. Warm, gentle, jazzy.

RejectionThe Mermaid Mushroom

For more music by François Evans, please visit La.M.P.’s SoundCloud page.

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  1. AvatarFaruk Ceviz

    I was deeply impressed by the quality of your musical compositions. The classiness and professionalism that emanate from your work are truly remarkable. Thanks


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