Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
Paul Simon & Art. Garfunkel (both b.1941)

And I was born one dark grey morn with music playin’ in my ears

Simon & Garfunkel, Baby Driver (1970)

That music was the sound of the songsters Simon & Garfunkel. When I was born, my parents had most of this pop-folk duo’s albums on vinyl. It didn’t matter how often we played them, the songs always stayed fresh, imaginatively produced with 60s’ and early 70s’ technology by Roy Halee. Simon’s lyrics are astutely observed and crafted; Garfunkel’s voice and harmonies silvery smooth. They sung of life, New York city and love.

I learned the importance of lyrics, structure, arrangement and building shelf-life from the duo. Favourite songs: Scarborough Fair, 58th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy), Richard Cory, So Long Frank Lloyd Wright and naturellement Bridge Over Troubled Water. Timeless.

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