Jack Conte

Jack Conte
Jack Conte (b. 1984)

I first came across Jack Conte’s marvelous music from cover versions of well-known pop songs he was making with vocalist and bassist Nataly Dawn, in the duo: Pamplemoose. Some of the new arrangements were cleverly-conceived, with deft re-harmonisations. All of their songs were ‘home made’ in a bedroom studio. They made videos of themselves playing parts of the actual songs shown in an ‘authenticity drive’.

Later Jack produced his own albums: Nightmares & Daydreams (2007), VideoSongs 1-4 (2008-2011), Sleep in Color (2008), My Big Package (2012). Particular favourite songs of his include: Starlight, Yeah Yeah Yeah (versions 1 & 2), Unfrozen, Sinking Feeling, Long Long Time Ago (moving song and lyrics!) and Mercenary. There’s also the raw, DIY sex-tech of Pedals (2013).

Many of the Pamplemoose tracks are good. Check out: Telephone (‘Lady Gaga’ cover, 2010), My Favorite Things and Expiration Date.

Conte set up ‘Patreon’ to support independent artists. I really hope he does not sell out; his staying power is a great inspiration to me.

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