William Gregory

William Gregory
William Gregory (b. 1959)

William Gregory is the co-composer, arranger, saxophonist and synthesist behind the British pop duo Goldfrapp. I love the balance between control and freedom in his sound, the way he lingers on unconventional timbres. He toys with recognition in sound streams in pieces such as ‘Deer Stop’ from the album Felt Mountain. Gregory is an extraordinary electronic sound programmer and designer, with a great grasp of gorgeous harmony. He played saxophone for the duo Tears for Fears.

Best albums?: Felt Mountain (2000), Black Chery (2003) , Supernature (2005), Seventh Tree (2008), Silver Eye (2017). From these records there are particular songs that are really effective.

I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and play live with Will in Bristol. He is a gentle, skilled soul.

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