Roger Price

Roger Price

Roger Price (b. 1941)

Roger Price influenced me through his invention and writing of the British science fiction television series The Tomorrow People (1973-9), about sometimes victimized, psychokinetic, teleporting ‘homo superiors’ ‘breaking out’ in adolescence.

I identified with the characters Steven (played by Peter Vaughan-Clarke) and Mike (Michael Holoway). John (Nicholas Young)’s character was serious and fatherly. The way ‘the lab’ existed as a base to offer a home from home to other Tomorrow People, was touching and exciting. Despite the low budget, the series was imaginatively made.

Combined with the programmes’ black and white, stop-motion title sequence, the theme music by Dudley Simpson resonated with me.

The Tomorrow People - letters

The Tomorrow People
Elizabeth (Elizabeth Adare), Michael (Michael Holoway), John (Nicholas Young) and Stephen (Peter Vaughan-Clarke) in series 4 of Roger Price’s The Tomorrow People (1973-9). The lights of TIM (their computer, voiced by Philip Gilbert) are above.

The Tomorrow People - hand

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