Fabio Frizzi

Fabio Frizzi
Fabio Frizzi (b.1951)

As a youth in the 80s, before the purge, I remember watching Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombie 2). It was gripping ‘trash’. Enhancing the bizzareness was this sound of 80s’-technology sampled voices, fretless bass and relentless, catchy ostinati. – A sound as hollow as a zombie’s head.

From what I have been able to hear of it, the Italian film composer’s music does not seem to vary much from film to film (I might be wrong). What I have heard of the approach he uses in his horror scores, is characterful and has taught me that the value of the music has little to do with the price of the technology. I’ve learned of the importance of motifs and their use in film music. My favourites are his scores for Zombie 2 (1979), Paura nella citttà dei morti viventi (1980) and L’Aldilà (1981).

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