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12/2015 – Colston Hall, Bristol

At Colston Hall, Bristol, François played ondes Martenot in a concert of music by Barry Gray conducted by Charles Hazlewood. Fellow musicians featured from Goldfrapp, Portishead and the British Paraorchestra.

Red Clubs, Black Hearts

Red Clubs, Black Hearts 2020 Conducting string orchestra, including players from the London Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Orchestra for album recording of new songs by Andrew Teacher. Blackstock Consulting Ltd

Barry Gray Centenary Concert

Symphonic concert of music by 1960s’ Thunderbirds composer Barry Gray. Barry Gray Centenary Concert Concert at Royal Festival Hall with Philharmonia Orchestra (2008) In aid of the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund  

Game Over

Dark psychological drama thriller Game Over Feature Thriller (2006) Directed by Georges Petitjean Massive Nights Productions


A young pop singer and his girlfriend unwittingly become embroiled in a pact with the Devil. Martyr Horror (2006) Directed by Shaun Troke Helmstone Productions

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia Triple ondes Martenot world prèmiere recording of complete score (2010). City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Produced by James Fitzpatrick Tadlow Music Ltd

The 3 Kings

The birth of Jesus as it might have been The Three Kings Feature Drama (1999) Directed by Shaun Mosley Wandering Star Films