the score which François Evans did, is one of the best things about it
Edgar Wright, Empire Magazine

Unique interpretation …finely considered and impressively affective by François
Cradeaux Alexander, Director: Inherit the Witch

exceptional music.
Franco Monteforte

totally fab …utterly ace, far better than the John Barry show at the Royal Festival Hall [2007]
Martin Green, The Sound Gallery, Abbey Road 

a lively conductor …breathtakingauthentic and surprisingly moving …rare, magical.
Jonny Trunk, Record Collector Magazine.

Makes the hairs on my arms stand up.
Darren Ward Director: ‘Sudden Fury’

Thunderous …score
Variety on A ‘Fistful of Fingers’ 

Magical …I can’t really explain how wonderful this is.
JSR, on Gerry Anderson in Concert

the whole exotic team of live instruments and many kinds of electronic sounds all fit together, so responsively around the dialogue and picture, in a rich and sophisticated way …a grand enhancement
Rohan Quine, Producer: ‘Inherit the Witch’

This soundtrack is a banger
midabe01, YouTube on ‘Sudden Fury’

Italian-sound spy instrumental, organ groove, and 70s’ futuristic orchestra madness à la Space: 1999! …this soundtrack is better than its forerunner Barbarella
Jane Fondle, San Francisco DJ 

I love the music [François] did for Josh. …simply amazing! We are more than thrilled to be able to release such a cool record …probably the most fun soundtrack since Goldfinger
Joseph Lee, CEO Diorama Music, US 

Terrific atmospheres and wonderfully unexpected sounds and moodscapes appear …the sequence with the Eucharist and Pamela’s reflection in the cabin is so great, and so is the final climax
Cradeaux Alexander, Director: ‘Inherit the Witch’

The Philharmonia Orchestra led by François Evans blast off into a blistering rendition 

Holy f*** this is amazing
Tatiana Kinoshita, SoundCloud

goosebumps …the music was spot on
TV Century 21 

an incredibly cheesy theme song I cannot get out of my head
Disquarium Exotica Releases Overview, 2003 

clear-formed and dynamic …interesting
Nic Williams, The Independent 

clever, diverse, full of humour and very memorable
Andrew Parkinson, British Film Director 

the best title song I’ve heard in a film in a long, long time.
Damiel Anderson, Chief Sound Engineer, National Film & Television School 

I love what François has done. He brings [the film] to great heights …His talent is rare.
Mike Aho, Film Director 

A good music track
The Guardian on score to ‘A Fistful of Fingers’ 

Special nod must go to François Evans for a great score, all moody, ambient synths and pounding bass beats, which offset the stylish bloodletting superbly.
Rob Daniel, Samhain magazine on score to ‘Sudden Fury’

an odd staccato jazz sound that’s weirdly suggestive of a chase scene from a 70s’ cop movie
Jeremy Webster, on score to ‘Martyr’ 

entertaining, funny and so well organized, many congratulations, your conducting was awesome …amazing energy and enthusiasm …really impressive, really well done
Mani Rassai, Composer 

the opportunity to experience [Barry Gray’s] background music taking-centre stage was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

…when that single shrill violin-note sliced through the tops of everyone’s consciousnesses, before plunging all the way down to ground beneath our seats, you knew that the evening was to be a labour of love.

…TV heaven all the way

…the track that I was really hoping to hear got an incredible full-length airing …here were eighty people playing it in front of me live!

Steve Goble Blog

Probably the most accurate orchestra version
Michael Lear, YouTube

What a fantastic night. Wish they would repeat.
Lee Roy, YouTube

The concert was absolutely fantastic.
Ben Hatton

the booming score heightens the humour on score to ‘A Fistful of Fingers’

I particularly like the disturbing feel …and the way [François Evans] has created a sense of madness.
Norman J. Warren, Film Director 

Superb, really, really good
Roberto Roarke, Director, ‘Hitman’ 

clearly …real talent
Olaf Wyper, MD Soundtrack Music Associates Ltd 

groove to the psychedelic, 1960s-inspired title track
Andy Black, Samhain magazine on ‘Pervirella’

amazing moments …some fantastic, lush textures …electronic sounds which we don’t hear every day …a great combination of unusual sound with what people expect from a decent movie score
Prof. Ambrose Field, Head of Music, University of York 

the soundtrack has a very groovy feel to it throughout and …goes well with the film. I would recommend [it] on score to ‘Pervirella’

distinctive and easy to enjoy, …one of the best demos I’ve heard in a long while.
Richard Allison, Director, Trickshot Film Productions 

That boy is very good.
Iannis Xenakis

The score for this film also absolutely draws comment. It was written by a very talented composer called François Evans. on score to Neil Graham’s short film ‘Foot in the Door’ 

He’s brilliant. He’s absolutely brilliant. He understands the music.
Wilfred Josephs, British Film Composer

hilarious …cheese to the max …masterpiece …a total and utter treat. review for ‘Pervirella’

sounding great …I really enjoyed it
Mazen Murad, Metropolis Studios, London /Karata Studios, Doha

Listening to some of your music now, love it.
Hunter Andrews, Writer/Producer


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