Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom) (2009)

exceptional music
Franco Monteforte
Editor of Publishing Culture & Society, Italy.
Great harmony
Committee of Art & Jury, Granada Film Festival, 2011

Il fungo sirena poster

Docudrama: the life of Italian school kids high in the Alp mountains.

Granada Award

Read the Provincia di Sondrio (Italian newspaper) review of Il fungo sirena!

The beautiful music score to Stefan Archetti’s naturalistic feature film: Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom).

Described by I. Begalli* as the perfume of childhood, Archetti’s film is set in the panoramic Italian Valtelline Alps, near the Italo-Swiss border twelve kilometers south of Morbegno in the village of Gerola Alta.

Il fungo sirena depicts the humourous, dramatic summer holiday adventures of Saverio (9), his brother Augustus (7) and their loving, adoptive uncle Fausto & aunt Domenica. We share a portrait of the lives, loves, homes, cottage industries, terraced landscapes and dramas of three generations of mountain people.

Featuring flute solos by American flautist Nancy Ruffer, this extraordinary soundtrack is played on Busilacchio electric reed organ, a wild collection of vintage synthesizers, bicycle hooter, percussion and contralto vocals sung by the composer to sound like mermaid sirens.

* La provincia di sondrio. 15/12/2010.

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