Cuervo: Blending In (2024)

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A young girl is accidentally killed by government scientists in an unethical experiment to enhance her abilities. Her teenaged boyfriend struggles to re-balance his life, as his vigilante alter ego: Cuervo – a martial arts archer who administers justice, taking down mob bosses and ultimately avenging the death of his girlfriend.

Thrilled and excited to have been asked to score this superhero action thriller feature by the immensely-talented, multi-skilled, Ohio-based writer/stunt-actor/director: Brandon Grimes. Starring Brandon Grimes, Jerrod Primm, Jillian Cole and Madelynn Dunn.

Interview with Brandon Grimes at Voyage Ohio magazine:
Inspiring Conversations with Brandon Grimes

Brandon Grimes’s YouTube channel:

Cuervo: Blending In at IMDb


Brandon Grimes

Brandon Grimes & students

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Jillian Cole

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Cuervo poster