Selected Projects

Buggy Park Poster

Buggy Park (2023)

Composing and producing duo Buggy Park’s first album, with drummer Christophe Evans. Work in progress.

La.M.P. Recordings

Inherit the Witch poster

Inherit the Witch (2023)

Surreal, horror-thriller feature film score

Directed by Cradeaux Alexander, produced by Rohan Quine.

Luxe Films Ltd

After Magritte - The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet

After Magritte: The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet (2022)

New album of pop music ballads by François Evans, lyrics by John Porter

Recorded at La.M.P. Studio, France.

La.M.P. Recordings

Captain Scarlet Poster

Stand by for Action! (2022)

Orchestral arrangement for symphonic concert of science fiction music from the films & television series of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.

Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK.

Carrot Productions

Red Clubs Black Hearts

Red Clubs, Black Hearts

Conducting string orchestra, including players from the London Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Orchestra for album recording of new songs by singer/songwriter Andrew Teacher

Blackstock Consulting Ltd

Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit

Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit (2017)

Ondes Martenot recordings

Spitfire Audio

Il fungo sirena poster

Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom) (2009)

Drama feature film

Directed by Stefan Archetti

Docudrama: the life of Italian school kids high up in the Alp mountains.

Granada Award

Nine Lives Films

Thunderbird 2

Barry Gray Centenary Concert (2008)

Arrangement, production and conducting of symphonic concert of science fiction music with live electronics. Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London. Presented by Brian Blessed.

Gray Lady Productions

Game Over cover

Game Over (2006)

Dark, psychological comedy thriller feature film

Directed by Georges Petitjean

Massive Nights Productions

Martyr poster

Martyr (2006)

Horror feature film

Directed by Shaun Troke

A young pop singer and his girlfriend unwittingly become embroiled in a pact with the Devil.

Helmstone Productions

The 3 Kings - cover

The 3 Kings (1999)

Drama feature film

Directed by Shaun Mosley

The birth of Jesus as it might have been.

Wandering Star Films

Sudden Fury poster

Sudden Fury (1997)

Thriller/horror feature film

Directed by Darren Ward

A small-time crime boss hires a notorious hit-man to rid him of his competition.

Giallo Films

Hitman CD

Hitman (1997)

Thriller feature film

Directed by Roberto Roark

Henchmen target an amateur boxer after he fails to fix a fight.

Mirage Entertainment


Pervirella (1997)

Fantasy feature film

Directed by Alex Chandon

Sci-fi in the tradition of Barbarella.

Exotic Entertainment UK

A Fistful of Fingers

A Fistful of Fingers (1995)

Comedy Western feature film

A cowboy pursues a wanted man who caused the death of his beloved horse.

Directed by Edgar Wright

Wrightstuff Pictures /Universal Pictures

Punk & the Princess

The Punk & the Princess (1992)

Drama feature film

Directed by Mike Sarne

Their love frowned on by parents and peers, David and Rachel fight to stay together.


Videodrome /The Feature Film Company /PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

Short Film Score Credits

Le petit prince (2009)
Directed by Mateusz Novak

Shooting Blanks (2005)
Directed by Tom Allan

Face to Face (2002)
Directed by Mark Duffield (Written by Brian Clemens)

Daisy Go Home (2001)
Directed by Zoë Green

Why Not? (2001)
Comedy Thriller
Directed by Alexandre Tournier

Pseudo-Realities (1998)
Directed by Jonathan Weissman (Starring Dexter Fletcher)
Gateway Entertainments

Foot in the Door
Foot in the Door (1998)
Directed by Neil Graham

Secret Songs of Butterfish
The Secret Songs of Butterfish (1994)
Directed by John Dower
Yorkshire Tyne Tees Television
San Francisco Golden Reels Film Soundtrack Award

Chicago Award
San Francisco Award
British Shorts Award

Passage à vide (1993)
Directed by Mike Aho
Beau Geste Films

I love what François has done. He brings Passage to great heights …His talent is rare.
Mike Aho, Film Director 

Anna O. (1993)
Directed by Mike Aho
Beau Geste Films

Alice au lavatory (1993)
Silent film
Directed by Hervé Bourlé
Alumine Productions /FÉMIS Film School, Paris

Stuck in the Mud (1992)
Director unknown
Test film for National Film & TV School)

Click (1992)
Directed by Simon Hunter
Crawfordton Films

Winner IAC Movie Gold Seal Award

IAC Gold Seal Award

Pulse (1992)
Directed by Sean Geoghegan
National Film & TV School

the best title song I’ve heard in a film in a long, long time.
Damiel Anderson, Chief Sound Engineer, National Film & Television School 

Camping (1990)
Directed by Robin Mahoney
London International Film School

List of Contents (1990)
Directed by Robin Mahoney
London International Film School

Twenty-nine Days in February (1988)
Directed by Tom Hugh-Jones (starring Lysette Anthony)
London International Film School


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