François recently finished scoring Polish director Mateusz Novak's film Le petit prince, based on the novel by Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry.




This month, François met the wonderful British film and television composer Laurie Johnson, who was being awarded an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University, London.

Johnson wrote the music to the iconic TV series The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals as well as the feature film scores to J. Lee Thompson's Tiger Bay (1959), Nathan Juran's First Men on the Moon (1964) and Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove (1964).


Doyle, Cowley and Bodie: The Professionals. Music by Laurie Johnson




Pervirella is to have its TV première on Wednesday, April 29th on the Zone Horror Cable TV channel.




François has completed production of the surreal electronic interludes for Brian Inglis's Second Symphony at La.M.P Studio EN5. The symphony using sound scultures by Edward Shiel, will be premièred by soprano Sarah Leonard in 2009.





François Evans conducted the 81-piece Philharmonia Orchestra in a blistering performance at the Royal Festival Hall, London for the Barry Gray Centenary Concert, in aid of the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund. The event has received rave reviews:


What a fantastic night. Wish they would repeat
Lee Roy

The concert was absolutely fantastic.
Ben Hatton

Loved the concert!
J3P Films





François has completed scoring Italian film director Stefan Archetti's latest feature: Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom). The touching docu-drama stars Francesco Manni, Francesco Goffi, Agostino Bianchini & Wilma Bertolini for Nine Lives Films. See Credits page for further details.