At Colston Hall, Bristol, François played ondes Martenot in a concert of music by Barry Gray conducted by Charles Hazlewood. Fellow musicians featured from Goldfrapp, Portishead and the British Paraorchestra.




Mike Jones is on board to design the album art for forthcoming releases of the soundtracks to Darren Ward's Sudden Fury and Georges Petitjean's Game Over.





Advised by Daniel Miller, François flies to Germany in December to have the soundtracks to Georges Petitjean's film Game Over and Darren Ward's Sudden Fury mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering in Berlin.


Stefan Betke, Scape Mastering




This month, François met Mute Records' founder and renowned electronic music producer: Daniel Miller.

Says François: "We compared notes on synths. Daniel came up with some astute advice: If you have nothing to fall back on, you can only move forwards."




It's been a long haul. The LaMP studio, François Evans's composition facility, moved to a new home: an abandoned nursery school in West France. There's been a lot of work to prepare the new electroacoustic composing, recording and mixing areas. Roof renovation, floor repair, and painting to change the rather bright pink and yellow to a more sedate white.

Studio equipment has been brought in. The next 'phase one' stage is acoustic treatment and wiring.

Phase Two, to begin in 2015, will establish a control /mixing room in the space neighbouring the live area.


LaMP Studio: Phase One programming area


LaMP Studio: Phase One mixing area (temporary)


LaMP Studio: Phase One Keyboards


LaMP Studio: Phase One Keyboards


LaMP Studio: Phase One Keyboards


LaMP Studio: Phase One Cordovox




The LaMP Studio is moving to larger, special premises in western France.



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