Wiring in the 2nd-hand, 32-channel automated-fader Soundcraft DC2000 desk, has been a fiddly process.



It uses 8 x 96-pin and 8 x 56-pin 'EDAC' connectors at the back, which enable lots of cables to be plugged in, in one go, but take weeks of work (and much fume-inhalation) to solder!


The other ends of the thick cables feed LaMP's new 24 x 24 patch-field (the desk's own patch-field wasn't big enough).


This should save time in the long run, when orchestrating with different synthesizers, mechanical sounds, and routing signals through vintage and more modern sound processing devices.

Next steps are acoustic treatment, desk make-over and a legacy cable sort.



This year LaMP acquired a dangerously clowny-sounding Crumar DS2.

Its glistening sounds should mix well with others.

Back to the soldering station...



Mastered Sudden Fury CDs have arrived and are available for sale (with the Game Over soundtrack) at the LaMP shop. Hang in there while we try to get the back-end of the online store working securely. If you'd like to pre-order, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A bientôt!




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