Yesterday I listened again to the title track from the film Pervirella, and was struck by the beauty of Tony Moriah's lead vocal.

I wondered what had become of this fantastic singer since I'd had the good fortune to work with him back in 1997. A search on the internet led to YouTube videos of him singing, which began with titles saying 'In Memory of Anthony Moriah'. I could not understand. He was so young. After further searching I learned that Tony had died from liver failure in late 2009.


Hear Tony sing here.


Today I learned how important it is to keep in touch with people. The rush of life separates us from each other.

Tony Moriah was an extraordinary young singer, with a golden voice. I would have loved to have worked with him again. He was a quiet, shy man and a consummate professional. I'm lost for words.

Rest in peace Tony. You are not forgotten.



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