Funding for Films


The British Film Institute has published a useful summary of sources of funding for UK films.

These fall under the headings:

  • National and regional agencies
  • UK Tax relief and
  • Regional Investment funds

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Filmdaily.tv gives a list of feature film grants, see:


  1. Creative Debut's Black Artists Grant
  2. BFI Network - Early Development Funding
  3. Short Circuit: First Features
  4. CoViD-19 Recovery Fund
  5. albert free training
  6. BFI Network x BAFTA Crew Mentoring
  7. IBF Europe: Regulations for Distribution Support
  8. The Pitch Film Fund
  9. Actors’ Benevolent Fund
  10. Disability Arts Online’s new commissions for disabled artists
  11. Sheffield Doc Fest - Digital Industry Pass 2021
  12. Welfare - Response to CoViD-19
  13. West Midlands Production Fund
  14. Ford Foundation: JustFilms
  15. Screen Scotland: Film Development and Production Fund
  16. Field of Vision's Virtual Mentorship & Consultation Service for the Documentary Community
  17. FFolio
  18. Screen Scotland: Professional Development Fund

UK Film Commissions

UK Creative England:





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