Chic Corea

Chick Corea
Chic Corea (1941-2021)

I first discovered Chic Corea through my father's progressive /fusion rock LP collection. Dad would play Return to Forever's Romantic Warrior (1976) over and over again. Later came Musicmagic (1977) with wider instrumentation.

What's been influential for me in Chick Corea's music is the freedom for players in his arrangements. He performs with extraordinary musicians - Lenny White, Al di Meola and Stanley Clarke. The way he treats phrase structures with repeated short melodies bursting into long, soaring lines, is intuitively crafted. Dramatic. Virtuosic. What a talent!

Return to Forever
Members of the extraordinary jazz-rock fusion band Return to Forever.
L to R: Lenny White (drums), Chick Corea (keyboards), Al di Meola (electric guitar), Stanley Clarke (bass guitar).


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