David Porter

Dave Porter (b. ?)

The music from the TV series Breaking Bad was interesting: electronic sounds used intelligently and imaginatively to exploit both timbre and what they might represent. The writing was economical, delivering in montage moments when it needed to, and written by someone who understands old and new musical styles and techniques, deeply.

The sometimes abstract end title music to the series, was different for every episode. To my delight I discovered through careful listening, that each end title music piece seems to be a cleverly-conceived new variation on the main title music! It later episodes, it got to the point that I was trying each time to work out how the end titles represented the main titles. These musical puzzles are fun and challenging. Porter addresses the intelligent in his audience; this is something my own teacher Don Ray drilled in to us: "The audience is intelligent."

Even those unconscious to his musical designs may sense intuitively that something very clever is going on.

Dave Porter's work can be extremely moving. I adore what he does.


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