Ryuishi Sakamoto

Ryuishi Sakamoto
Ryuishi Sakamoto (b. 1952)

Back in the 80s I saw the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (a.k.a. Furyo) (1983) directed by Nagisa Ôshima and was emotionally shaken by its synthetic score. Beautiful melodies and subtly-changing ostinatos sounded by silky synthesizers. The score incorporates an English hymnal. The music was by the lead actor of the film, I heard he'd agreed to play the part only if he could also compose the film's score.

From that work I discovered his band: Yellow Magic Orchestra. A few of their tracks are very good (check out Rydeen). I use vintage Korg synthesizers in my music. I was gladdened to learn the self-confident Sakamoto did too.


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