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 Directed by Alex Chandon, Produced by Josh Collins

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Starring Emily Booth & Dave Warbeck. Featuring Jonathan Ross & Marc Lamarr.

Jonathan Ross and Sexton Ming in Pervirella (1997)

Queen Victoria builds a wall around the kingdom of Condon. Demon Nanny gives birth to the powerful Pervirella who grows to join rebels including the Cult of Perv and Amicus Reilly to travel the globe in an airship and save the world through wild adventures.

Main Title: Pervirella (Vocal by Tony Moriah):

Pervirella Main Title

lyrics by François Evans

Verse 1   Pervirella girl
In your transformated world
Shake your pink curls
Want to lure you from the burly
Pervirella girly
Make love to me
 Verse 2   Pervirella girl
Ever since you came alive
My love for you has thrived
Pearls stream from my eyes
Girl with everything
Make love to me
 Bridge 1   Want to impress
You're a temptress
And the Princess
of the castles in the air
 Bridge 2   You are blameless
You are shameless
Can you help us?
Forgive me if I stare
Verse 3   Pervirella girl
Wrap me in your silks
Smile and kiss my cheek
I promise I won't peek
Girl with everything
Won't you me mine?
Bridge 3   Fight the monsters!
Don't let the spoilers get you down
We're going to make it
Brace yourself for splashdown
What's that sound?
Verse 4   Pervirella girl
Be careful you go now
Find the hidden genders
With your designer suspenders
Which may spring before you know
Take care of me
Bridge 4 & outro   You're a citronella
Pervirella girl
You're a jet propeller
I'm your fella
Pervirella girl
Pervirella girl
Pervirella girl

Lyrics © Copyright 1997 Laboratoire Musical Phonoscopique Ltd. All rights reserved.

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