Il fungo sirena (2009)
(The Mermaid Mushroom)
Directed by Stefan Archetti
il fungo sirena poster
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The soundtrack to Il fungo sirena has been mastered and will be available for digital download from

Set in sleepy Gerola in the Italian Alps, Il fungo sirena (The Mermaid Mushroom) chronicles the summer adventures of children untouched by the demands of modern, urban living. The story is seen from the point of view of a child - that stage of life in which the senses are heightened to a point where an everyday occurrence can seem like a mesmerising event.

With flute solos from internationally-renowned flautist Nancy Ruffer, François Evans has composed a charming, delightful, sweeping score.
special mention granada
Great harmony
Committee of Art & Jury
Granada Film Festival, 2011
exceptional music
Franco Monteforte
Editor of Publishing Culture & Society, Italy.



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