What is a Composer?

This may sound like a daft question, but many people aren’t aware of what composers are, or what they do. This may be because how music is composed nowadays, has changed so much in the last few decades.

A composer is a person who writes music. A serious composer can read and write music, either onto manuscript paper or using a computer. There is a difference between writing music for a professional musician to play, and recording music for playback. At LaMP we do both.

A nice way to understand what a composer is and does, is to compare them to a tailor. – When you want to buy a suit or a dress, you can walk into a clothes shop/department, see ready-made clothes, try some on, look in the mirror, pick what you like and buy. This is not the same as walking into a bespoke tailor’s shop in Saville Row in London; because if you do that, you won’t see much in the way of clothes in there!

Tailor's Shop



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