04/2023 Mixing Inherit the Witch Score

By | April 2, 2023


Currently mixing the 42 x bristling music cues for Cradeaux Alexander’s chilling new occult feature thriller: Inherit the Witch. This is a 12-note score (actually an 11-note one, with modal leanings centered on the note B-natural). Including priestly horns, the strange instrumental line-up is:

2 alto flutes, contrabassoon, brass ensemble (2-2-1-1), timpani, tambourine, marktree, crotales, glockenspiel, vibraphone, cymbals, tamtam, tomtoms, bass drum, Wurlitzer Sideman (one of the earliest drum machines), 2 ARP Pro Soloists, ondes Martenot, 2 Moog Polymoogs, Hammond M-101 organ, harpsichord, piano, morphed human and animal sounds, harp, 3 x DX7s, bass guitar, boys’ & adult choir and orchestral strings (10-8-6-6-4).

Photo credit: Joshua Hanson

Ondes Martenot
Ondes Martenot mic’d up for Cradeaux Alexander’s film

Alto Flute

Alto Flute

Alto flute (x2)
Brass PlayersTimpani
Wurlitzer Sideman
Wurlitzer SidemanHammond Organ
ARP ProSoloistMoog Polymoog
Pro Soloist
Moog Polymoog
Yamaha DX7 IIDHarpsichord
Yamaha DX7 IIDHarpsichord
PianoString Orchestra

Photo Credit: Kael Bloom

Live percussion overdubs performed by Christophe Evans…

Christophe Evans
Percussionist Christophe Evans recording additional drum and cymbal parts for Inherit the Witch at La.M.P. Studio, France

It’s been ear-opening to programme and compose for this rare electro-acoustic ensemble. I’m grateful to the production team for having allowed me to be so free on this score and cannot wait for the release. Deadline looming… Shocked Smiley

Inherit the Witch - white label CD

Editorial Team
Author: Editorial Team

British/French film composer https://lampfilmusic.com/francois-evans/

2 thoughts on “04/2023 Mixing Inherit the Witch Score

  1. AvatarRohan Quine

    François, your music for our feature film “Inherit the Witch” has been inspired; and your diligence and helpfulness throughout the process have been amazing. It’s been a joy to see and hear your 42 cues shimmer into existence. The sound of the ondes Martenot is a beautiful thing, extremely fluid and yet sleek-surfaced, like mercury on its way to vaporising – spooky and mysterious in the classiest of ways. The Hammond organ is subtly redolent of classic cinematic horror. Ranging from the very exciting (e.g. the cues “Fiona flees” and “Charnel house”) to the more quietly scary (e.g. “Eucharista oedipal” and “Very well then”) and to hints of whimsy and romance, the whole exotic team of live instruments and many kinds of electronic sounds all fit together, so responsively around the dialogue and picture, in a rich and sophisticated way for 52 minutes spread across the duration of the film. It’s all a grand enhancement of “Inherit the Witch”.


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