04/2023 Inherit the Witch – Score Mix Complete

By | April 29, 2023

François Evans recently completed mixing the cold geometry of 42 x music cues for Cradeaux Alexander’s new horror thriller feature film: Inherit the Witch.

The film’s sound is currently being dubbed at Kord Media in Manchester and we’re looking forward to a spectacular release.

Francois Evans mixing the music score to 'Inherit the Witch'
Film composer François Evans mixing the score to the feature film Inherit the Witch at the La.M.P. Studio, France

Thanks for some great feedback from director Cradeaux Alexander:

Terrific atmospheres and wonderfully unexpected sounds and moodscapes appear …the sequence with the Eucharist and Pamela’s reflection in the cabin is so great, and so is the final climax

…and producer Rohan Quine:

Wonderful to hear the finished mixed masters of the recordings, including those real instruments. The sound of the actual ondes is a beautiful thing, extremely fluid and yet sleek-surfaced, like mercury on its way to vaporizing – spooky and mysterious in the classiest of ways. The Hammond organ is subtly redolent of classic cinematic horror. Ranging from the very exciting to the more quietly scary and to hints of whimsy and even romance, the whole team of live instruments and many kinds of electronic sounds all fit together with one another, so responsively around the dialogue and picture, in a rich and sophisticated way across the duration of the feature film. The well-judged inclusion of much birdsong is also a fine addition to the forest scenes. It’s all a grand enhancement of Inherit the Witch.

Read more about the score.

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